Software /Web Development in Australia

Software /Web Development in Australia

SEFREA provides all-round services for Software /Web Development in Australia. Please refer to the following projects from our portfolio:

More specifically, we design, build, deploy and maintain the following types of custom solutions:

We use the latest technologies and full-fledged development frameworks that guarantee the best turnaround times and reliability. These include:

  • Desktop/Server Applications:
    • Java SE / Swing
    • C/C++
    • C# / .NET
    • Visual Basic / VB.NET
    • Windows PowerShell
  • Distributed Applications
    • J2EE
    • Java RMI
    • Java Apache XML-RPC
    • JAX WS
    • Apache Tomcat
    • GlassFish / JBoss
    • Hadoop
    • Node.js
  • Mobile Applications:
    • Objective-C / Cocoa Touch
    • Java / Java ME
    • C# /.NET Compact
  • Websites /Web Applications
    • HTML5
    • PHP
    • WordPress /Joomla /Drupal
    • jQuery /AJAX /Javascript
    • CGIs /Perl
    • ASP.NET
    • Web Services /WSDL /SOAP
    • Servlets /JSPs /EJBs
    • COM Objects

Please contact us for more information.

We provide Software /Web Development services in all Australian cities and suburbs, including: